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Take This Regret

~*~ by Amy Lichtenhan Contemporary Fiction Elizabeth and Christian are college sweethearts. Their love is going strong until an unexpected life sends them into a tailspin that threatens to blow them both off course. Elizabeth announces she is pregnant, expecting Christian to accept the surprise thrown their way, but he doesn’t want the baby. Christian rashly declares they should have it ‘taken care of’ to avoid rearranging their life, school and career plans. Their sudden and painful split takes them on a lengthy journey of heartbreak and regret. After five years, Elizabeth and Christian meet again at a crossroads, striving to find a way to make their separate paths meld—for the sake of their child. Elizabeth has major trust issues (understandably) and Christian regrets his selfish decisions of the past and struggles to overcome them and make things right. Pros: This story portrays honest emotions that aren’t overdone or exaggerated for ‘dramatic effect.


~*~ by Colleen Coble, Kristin Billerbeck, Denise Hunter, & Diann Hunt A Christian Romance When the logging mill shuts down in Smitten, Vermont, the townsfolk fear their community will never recover, but four women are determined they can change Smitten for the better. With a name like  Smitten , why not make the town a romantic, honeymoon getaway? Some of the local men think turning their mill town into a romance capital is a hair-brained idea. But, not only are they swayed by the women’s well thought out business plans, but they’re soon swept up in romantic notions of their own! This is such a fun read. The characters are interesting and diverse and the town of Smitten is vivid. I feel like I know these characters, and if I were in Smitten, I’d certainly be friends with them. What a whirlwind of dreams and romance. I love the way the girls band together to make Smitten a fabulous, romantic spot. Their efforts put them on the map, an