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Sweeter Than Birdsong

~*~ by Rosslyn Elliott A Christian Romance The journey through Sweeter Than Birdsong begins at a slow pace, then picks up speed and takes you on a ride--almost  making you forget you journeyed through nearly 400 pages. Kate Winters is a bright young woman studying at Otterbein College. She is painfully shy, and deathly afraid of speaking in front of people, but has a heavenly voice that captures attention. Ben Hanby, expected by his parents to become a minister, has his own passions—music and assisting fugitives (especially one in particular) on the Underground Railroad. The two of them are first brought together by their mutual love for music, but it grows to something more. Though they struggle with what others want for them, they want to follow God’s plan and ultimately take the path of self-discovery. On their quest to help others, they find themselves. The author’s descriptions of each character, their plight, those fighting for freedom, and