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The Wedding Dress

~*~ by Rachel Hauck A Christian Romance A tale of faith, redemption, and timeless love. This book spans several generations, woven together by the lovely threads of love and a century old wedding dress. Charlotte Malone journeys to find the women (Emily in 1912, Mary in 1939, and Hillary in 1968) who wore a beautiful wedding dress she discovered in an old trunk. Each previous owner communicates their journeys and lessons of faith and finding love. Their stories are unique and center on various kinds of love. I really enjoyed reading this book. It is well written, the imagery is strong, and I was totally immersed in each scene and time period. The characters are developed nicely and have flaws that make them real. This book is a fast-paced read, heartwarming and memorable. The Wedding Dress, by Rachel Hauck, has many flavors—historical, contemporary, mystery, and friendship—creating a delicious and magical reading treat that almost any read