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Moon Over Edisto

~*~ by Beth Webb Hart A Christian Fiction Novel Edisto Island was where it all came apart. Can the Bennett girls ever be whole again? Moon Over Edisto  touched me deeply. Julia, the main character, feels like a friend. I sympathized with her and urged her through the tough times. I took my time delving into the intricacies of her life, and ultimately encapsulated myself in her world. I wish the book didn't end. I don't want to say goodbye to her (or the other characters) and I yearn for the story to continue. Chapters are told from different points of view and give a well rounded view. I especially enjoyed little Etta's chapters--such insight and sweetness. I recommend this book. Beth Webb Hart is an easy-listening type of storyteller, and Edisto feels like home.  The book is nicely paced with no lagging parts. I hope the author plans to write a sequel. Cover: Love it Title: Love it Publisher: Thomas Nelson Pages: 320 Pace

Jewel of Ramstone

~*~ by JM Powers Historical (Medieval) Romance A maiden without a past and a man with a guilt riddled one. Two worlds collide and a battle is fought. I LOVE a book with strong, rich characters, vivid scenes, and gripping story that refuses to let go long after I’ve finished reading it. Jewel of Ramstone is that kind of book! The story opens with a young maiden who wakes in the forest with no idea who she is or how she got there. What happened to her? Why is she dressed as a stable boy? She’s injured, famished, and…not alone. A gallant (of course) knight, Sir Galeron of Ramstone, is a short distance away, preparing fresh, succulent rabbit. The young maiden is lured from her fog—not only by the juicy, broiling meal, but also (reluctantly) by the heart-searingly-handsome knight preparing it. What a magnificent opening! It seized my attention, my eyes were glued to each page, and my heart was pricked—forever changed. Yes! THAT is how much I ado