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How to Live a Fabulous Life in Christ

~*~ by Sabrina C. Anderson A Christian Guide A Woman's Guide on Spiritual Growth This book delivers. How to Live a Fabulous Life in Christ guides you through spiritual growth with simplicity and honesty. It isn’t stuffed with fluff to thicken its pages, but rather filled with gentle encouragement and Biblical teachings. It’s easy to read and encourages women to seek a more fabulous life. Each short section contains a Bible verse explaining how its application can nurture and bless us. A Christ-filled life isn’t one void of problems, but the lessons in this short read display ways we can walk through them. Sabrina C. Anderson ’s preface is touching and memorable. Added bonuses are 10 Study guides in the back, examining a range of topics from overcoming fears to discovering God’s will in your life, and a list of recommended reading topics from the Bible that reinforce spiritual trials and growth. Though this book is short (100 pages) it is