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Misery Loves Company

Christian Fiction, by Rene Gutteridge If you liked Stephen King’s movie/book Misery, then I think you’ll like this.  It has some similarities (thriller, danger, writers, etc.) Quite a page-turner. It may seem strange to comment on the appearance and feel of this book, but its uniqueness deserves a mention. The large font is easy to read, I like the picture at the beginning of each chapter, and the cover is interesting and has a smooth texture. Don’t let the fact that it’s a faith-based book fool you into thinking it’s a light, feel-good book. It’s not. It’s a wonderfully fast-paced suspense story that deals with corruption, kidnapping, and murder (among other things.) There isn’t any foul language etc., but I feel the targeted reader base is the more mature reader. Cover: Don't love Title: Love it Publisher: Tyndale Publishers Pages: 338 Pace: Steady First Line: In the early morning hours, with the stars dotted across a fading black sky, the air wa

For All Time (Magic Stone Series)

A medieval time-travel romance, by J.M. Powers For All Time , involving a love story that transcends time, is filled with comical misunderstandings, extraordinary emotions, and unexplainable body tingles. Imagine being attracted to a bizarre man from another place and time, and he’s dangling helplessly from a tree! Sage, while innocently walking her dog through a nature preserve, happens upon this scenario and wonders if she’s lost her mind. Will the inexplicable circumstances send her running in the other direction? Or will she go out on a limb and accept the consequences? This story is a witty, entertaining read. The central character is charming and fun, and the story is both touching and amusing. If you’re in the mood for an atypical romance—this story is the only inspiration you need. Enjoy! Cover: Love it Title: Love it Publisher: Breathless Press Pages: 49 Pace: Steady First Line: Sage watched the heron skim the trees before making its slow d