August 8, 2013


Book #5 of TJ and the Time Stumblers

Switched!!!!, by Bill Myers, is book #5 in the TJ and the Time Stumblers 6 book series. These are highly entertaining and engaging books. The entire series is unique in page appearance, and filled with Biblical messages.

In this installment of TJ and her muddled, chaotic friends from the 23rd century, Herby and Tuna, deals with all the chaos of the rest of the series. This one, however involves Herby and Tuna shaving TJ bald! 

Within all the wackiness and mayhem, TJ switches bodies with her archenemy, Hester Breakahart. Lesson learned—you don’t know someone else’s life unless you walk in their shoes. In this case—literally. 

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Pages: 176
Pace: fast

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