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The Sure Cure for Worry

If you are going to place your life in God’s hands and trust Him with your future, you have to believe that He is in control. Things happen for a reason. We’re put in certain situations for a particular purpose. Doubt that God is there as we walk our walk, ultimately leads to worry. Although I’m not a huge worrier, I gained so much from this book. It strengthened my walk, my faith, and my determination to put all in God’s hands. This book doesn’t present nonsensical examples of worrying with fear, doubt, or trust. It offers valid points that are consistent with the teachings of the Bible. Kent Crockett’s narration is clear, non-preachy, and rational. Whether you’re a worrier or not, I feel this book has a lot to offer. It’s inspirational, motivational, and Biblical. Cover: Like it Title: Love it Publisher: Chosen Books Pages: 240 Pace: Fast, easy read First Line: Imagine you are at a football game and your team is losing by two points.