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What Your Dreams Are Telling You

Unlocking solutions while you sleep I’m fascinated by dreams and often wonder what the more profound ones mean. This book helps you interpret the most common dream themes and shows you how they are meant to guide us in our every day life. Our dreams are telling us something, and if you’re like me, and wonder ‘what’, then this book is a great resource. The book isn’t textbook style (thankfully) but instead delivers an upbeat, positive look at our nightly visions and what they're trying to tell us. I enjoyed this book, and found many answers to questions I had. A short, easy read with a wealth of information. Cover: Like it Title: Like it Publisher: Chosen Books (Bethany House) Pages: 176 Pace: Steady First Lines (Introduction): I’m a dreamer with the desire to help everyday people understand what their dreams are telling them. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a Review Copy from the publisher. I was not requ

Appointments With Heaven

Meet the country doctor who visits the front porch of heaven… and witnesses what awaits us there. After reading the first chapter I was hooked. From the first few pages, I got chills (the good kind) and my heart was gently touched by Dr. Anderson’s tone and easy flow of words. What a blessing Dr. Anderson has received--the ability to experience the intuitive gift of God. I recommend this book to anyone who is struggling with life or their beliefs, anyone going through hard times—particularly the loss, or expectant loss of a loved one. I’ve no doubt you will be blessed and have a new perspective on God’s and timeline. Cover: Love it Title: Love it Publisher: Tyndale Momentum Pages: 336 Pace: Steady First Lines: He was an eighty-two-year old, proud Alabama boy, lying in the intensive care unit, and while I didn't yet know his time of death, I already knew the cause. Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a Review Copy free from NetGalley

KJV Chronological Life Application Study Bible, Hardcover

A refreshing way to experience God’s story; a trusted way to apply it to your life. This Bible is colorful, insightful, and inspiring. The abundance of info on each page may appear overwhelming at first glance, but the introduction is helpful, and the vast supply of information is satiating and valuable. Reading the Bible in chronological order gives me a new perspective on many passages. I love having additional information at my fingertips, rather than having to Google search—which can distract from my study flow. I can’t think of a single reason not to purchase this KJV Study Bible. I recommend it for anyone wanting to supplement their usual studies and/or devotion time. For more info and a free PDF sample, go HERE .  Cover: Like it Title: Like it Publisher: Tyndale House Pages: 2220 (Hardcover) Disclosure of Material Connection: I received a Review Copy from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review. The options I