January 26, 2014

The Pleasure Of HIS Company

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Dutch Sheets invites us to cultivate a deeper, more intimate relationship with God. With biblical stories as references, The Pleasure Of HIS Company displays our God in vivid color.

In our everyday life we meet strangers, encounter friends and acquaintances, create new relationships, or even fall in love. And we realize that there are certain things expected to transpire. Perhaps we learn their names, what they like and dislike, etc… Well, this book does just that. It reveals our God, the essence of who He is, what He desires, and how growing closer to Him will bless our lives.

My favorite feature of this book is its inviting conversational tone. If I’d opened the cover to dry, scholarly styled lessons I’d have probably briefly skimmed its pages and quickly put it aside. But this book needs to be savored.

Dutch Sheets' tone is engaging and friendly, as if having a conversation with a friend.  Each of the 30 chapters begins with a simple phrase describing different aspects of our walk with God. (e.g. The Seeker, The Courtship, The Connection.) Though the chapters are succinct, they each deliver mind-stimulating, heart-penetrating messages using Bible stories to illustrate their truths. It also closes each section with an associative prayer and supportive verses for further reading or study.

Used as a daily devotional, or to read through in one sitting, this book serves as an encouraging friend, and as the back cover states, shows us ways to enjoy God more.

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Bethany House
Pages: 270
First Lines: Pleasure. The word brings about many different pictures and thoughts.

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