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Butterfly Palace

Look Inside   HERE I enjoy leaving-everything-behind-to-start-over stories. Butterfly Palace contains unique and believable characters and constantly twisting storyline. This mystery kept me guessing who the ‘bad guys’ were until the end, but sometimes I found the story hard to follow. I’ve read other Colleen Coble stories, but this one seemed different somehow—stilted pacing, and a darker tone. The story is a myriad of mystery, murder, suspicion, guilt, and of course, romance. Some aspects of the story drew me in and others made me want to skip pages. If I were to recommend a Colleen Coble book to a friend, it would probably be one of the Smitten books, or Rosemary’s Cottage—rather than this one. While Butterfly Palace has some appeal, her other books have made a bigger impact on me and kept my interest throughout the entire story. Cover:  Love it Title:  Love it Publisher:  Thomas Nelson Pages:  332 Pace:  Stilted in some places Firs

25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband: A Handbook for Wives

Look Inside   HERE 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband: A Handbook for Wives contains sound principles and follows Bible teachings. With that said, the way in which these principles are presented bothers me. It feels like a handbook from the 50s. For established Christian women, this book can be taken in context, but I’d be leery of recommending it to a new or non-Christian for the fact that it might be taken as a chauvinistic view of marriage. (Almost a me Tarzan, you Jane mentality.) It takes both parties to make a marriage work – but reading this gives off the impression that the wife alone should do all she can to please her man. Wives should have expectations of their husbands as well. Now, I’m not against this book. Like I said, I agree with its Biblical views of marriage, I just feel it could’ve been presented in a more modern way. Why have a man holding the card that displays the title? Why not portray it from a woman’s hands—woman-to-woman advice and

The Deeper Life

Look Inside   HERE If you long for spiritual renewal then you must make an intentional decision to do so. The practices displayed in this book can direct you through a transformation of how you think about life. We all are curious about different aspects of our lives, and this book centers around 8 spiritual questions you’ve probably asked yourself.      1.      Who Is God?      2.      Who am I?      3.      Why Am I Here?      4.      What Really Matters?      5.      What Shall I Do?      6.      How Shall I Do It?      7.      When Shall I Do It?      8.      How Will I Finish? After the introduction and questions are addressed, the author delivers Discovery Exercises and Discussion Questions —which, in my opinion, is the meat of the book. I found myself skimming through many pages and savoring the information near the last third of the book—where the most impact is made. As with any other affirmation books, I like the stimulating effect this gi

Power Words

Look Inside   HERE I love the concept of this book—using words to empower us. Words can cut down or build up. If you doubt the power of words, tell a child they are stupid, ugly, or fat. The information is separated into 5 sections, with 4-5 chapters in each one. Part 1: The energy of Words Part 2: Trigger Words for Every Purpose Part 3: Power Words from Other Places and Other Times Part 4: Lifting Words for Elevated Life Part 5: Words to the Wise This book is stimulating and contains a wealth of information, but I found it too overwhelming to read in one or two sittings. If I had taken a more leisurely pace, I may have absorbed more. That’s not to say I didn’t learn a lot. It made an impact on the words I will use (and not use.) Three of my favorite aspects of this book are learning what my desired trigger words are, the inspirational quotes scattered throughout, and The Energy of Colors in the Appendix 2. Power Words isn’t the usual affirmation type of

A Marriage Carol

Look Inside  the book or  Purchase  it  HERE This is a charming, heartwarming story of Jacob and Marlee--a couple on the brink of divorce. On the way to the attorney's office Marlee's life spins out of control and she's forced to face new choices that may change her life forever. In this modern retelling of the original Christmas Carol, Marlee is given a glimpse of what was, what is, and what might be. The magical vapors of the past, present and possible future warm Marlee's heart and show her that choices are like each snowflake, and her life can change with each one. This story, easily read in an hour or two, will be a Christmas staple at my home each year. Though it deals with marital issues, readers are also able to apply the story to any hardships or tough roads they might be facing.  I loved this book, and shamelessly shed a tear or two. An inspirational story of love, redemption, and most of all--HOPE. Cover: Love it
 Title: Love it

101 Conversation Starters for Couples

Look Inside  the book or  Purchase  it  HERE Sometimes it's the little things in life that make big impacts. This book is little, simple, and fun. There aren't any bells and whistles or deep philosophical studies…but the questions posed are insightful and (as is the premise of the book) gets conversations started. Even after being married for nearly 30 years, I found this book interesting and enjoyable. During leisure time, why not unlock some of your mate's mysteries by asking touching or amusing questions you hadn't thought of on your own? Here are a few of the conversation starters listed in this book: What is something you collected as a child or a teen? What non biblical historical event would you like to have witnessed? What is something that occurred this past year that you are especially thankful for? (My favorite.) This booklet (5.4 x 6 inches) would make a unique gift for dating, newly married, or even old fogies married folks (like me.) With 101