March 18, 2014

Butterfly Palace

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I enjoy leaving-everything-behind-to-start-over stories. Butterfly Palace contains unique and believable characters and constantly twisting storyline. This mystery kept me guessing who the ‘bad guys’ were until the end, but sometimes I found the story hard to follow. I’ve read other Colleen Coble stories, but this one seemed different somehow—stilted pacing, and a darker tone.

The story is a myriad of mystery, murder, suspicion, guilt, and of course, romance. Some aspects of the story drew me in and others made me want to skip pages.

If I were to recommend a Colleen Coble book to a friend, it would probably be one of the Smitten books, or Rosemary’s Cottage—rather than this one. While Butterfly Palace has some appeal, her other books have made a bigger impact on me and kept my interest throughout the entire story.

Cover: Love it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Pages: 332
Pace: Stilted in some places
First Lines: Lily Donaldson tiptoed to the front door and winced when it opened with a creak.

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