April 3, 2014

A Cause to Be Thankful

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We are living in the ME generation, where a large portion of the population puts themselves first. A generation where people feel entitled to benefits, privileges, prosperity, freedom, etc. But where is our thankfulness? We’ve been given so much that we stay buried beneath our possessions and abilities, often forgetting who supplied us with it all. Not only tangible items, but the magical things as well—breath, love, forgiveness, friendships, talents, and even flaws.

This book fleshes out the beauties in life. It encourages and inspires us to be consistently thankful in our day-to-day life. A few hours of reading this book will light your soul with a new appreciation for all we are given.

I like how most chapters open with a verse and close with a prayer, allowing Biblical instruction to guide us. One sentence, in particular, reveals this book's message the clearest: "…let us open our hearts together to gauge our current level of thankfulness to determine whether we consider it solely a feeling or whether it is a part of our moral values as we set a path for the appropriate changes necessary." After all, we all need a change, right?

We most assuredly have A Cause to Be Thankful! I think this book will inspire you.

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Yolanda Shanks
Pages: 110
Pace: Slow in some places, steady in others
First Line: Have you notice(d) how life has changed quite quickly in our society--seemingly over night--as it relates to a genuine expression of thankfulness?

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