April 26, 2014

Angel Astrology 101

Look inside the book HERE!

The introduction is very helpful, containing brief descriptions of ancient, modern, and spiritual astrology.

Then you get into the individual chapters—the meat of this book—detailing who your archangel is, how he/she is paired with your particular astrological sign, and how he/she guides and protect you.

You’ll also discover the significance of the planets, and how they specifically relate to your chart:
Sun (will, power, and desire)
Moon (needs and emotions)
Mercury (communication)
Venus (loves and values)
Mars (handling conflict)
Rising (time, date, and place of birth.)

I’d never really thought about the 12 zodiac signs being coupled with the 12 archangels, so I found this pretty fascinating. I like the easy to understand descriptive of each archangel and zodiac sign, and especially the associated planets.

This book explains how our archangel can assist us with our natal chart gifts. It’s easy to understand and the lovely illustrations are a nice addition.

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
Pages: 242

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