May 7, 2014

Slimming Meals That Heal

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Slimming Meals That Heal contains three sections:

Research (Explains the science of losing weight, and how hormones, emotions, and inflammation are linked to weight gain.)

A Plan (Reveals problems with certain foods and why you should stop eating them, as well as recommending substitutions.)

Recipes (The bulk of the book – menus for healthy eating, with gorgeous, full-page illustrations.)

Julie Daniluk (a registered holistic nutritionist) uses a unique approach in this book. She not only provides delicious recipes, but also informs her readers what certain ingredients do to the human body, what to avoid, and how non-food items in life (hormones, allergies, inflammation and moods) can affect weight and well-being.

I found this book inspiring and informational. Much more than I expected. Highly recommended—particularly if you’re dealing with health issues.

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Hay House, Inc.
Pages: 360

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