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Love Walked Among Us - Audiobook

Jesus is Love, and He walked among us on this earth as an example of how to love, empathize, and have compassion for others. By observing His life, we can change our thoughts and views of this world and beyond. We can make our lives better, as well as those around us. We are here to make a difference, and what better way than to emulate Him. Love Walked Among Us is broken down into 5 parts: Love Shows Compassion, Love Speaks the Truth, Love Depends on God, Love is Energized by Faith, and Love Moves Through Death into Life. Jesus’ walk on this Earth demonstrates the greatest examples of compassion, truth, love, faith, death, and life, and provides the path for us to be transformed. I love how the narrator, Paul E. Miller (also the author) displayed Jesus’ actions. Looking at people, listening, empathizing, and loving them. This information was presented differently and more clearly than I’ve experienced in other books. Jesus’ love and compassion is palpable. Love Walke

Epic Grace

Other than an entertaining read, this book showed me the importance of being aware of God’s grace in my life. Many times, second chances, ‘chance’ happenings, etc., are overlooked or unnoticed. Examples of the Epic Grace God gives us is shown through Kurt Bubna’s book and his personal experiences, the Bible, and people he’s come in contact with. I like how the importance of encouraging one another is evident in Bubna’s message. There were places in the book where I began to lose interest, but Bubna’s humor drew me back in. Overall, this is an uplifting, encouraging book, and would make a great gift. Cover: Like it Title: Like it Publisher: Tyndale Momentum Pages: 267 First Lines (foreword): Grace is a common word to most, even those who have never experienced it. Purchase Epic Grace at Amazon !

All Is Well

I’m pleased to find out, after taking the All Is Well Self-Assessment Quiz in chapter two, that my body and lifestyle are relatively healthy. The self-assessment quiz consists of yes or no questions, divided into seven sections. It’s interesting to read about emotional centers, and how our mental and physical lifestyles effect our emotions and body. After taking the quiz, you’re able to search the chapters that deal with each section, explaining why you might have these issues and how to relieve them. A great book to guide you to have a better balanced and healthy life, mind and body. This book makes a nice addition to your holistic bookshelf, or given to a friend wishing to improve his/her mental and physical body. Cover: Like it Title: Like it Publisher: Hay House Publishers Pages: 249 First Lines: Healing the mind and body with affirmations, medicine, and intuition is territory that has been increasingly explored over the last 30 years..

All for a Sister

Though it seems that young Celeste DuFrane has it all, her wealthy background does little to alleviate the questions surrounding why her mother’s estate was left to Dana Lundgren, a woman convicted of murder. Especially since the victim of that murder was Celeste’s own sister, Mary.   Dana and Celeste filter through the past to find the path that led them through their lives. This story, taking place in the roaring twenties, is filled with secrets, lies, deceptions, confessions, and life-altering discoveries. Allison Pittman offers a nice flavor of the 1920s, the characters are fully developed, and the mystery kept me absorbed. The Christian influence in this book is evident, and shares the message of mercy.   Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father also is merciful. (Luke 6:36.) Cover: Like it Title: Love it Publisher: Tyndale Publishers, Inc. Pages: 367 Pace: Steady First Lines: Celeste walked backward through the house, a lifetime of poise and confidenc

The Bridge Tender

Emily Shaw feels she’s lost everything when her husband dies. She's not only lost the love of her life, but her dreams for the future are reduced to rubble. A gift from her husband leaves her with an added burden, and she wonders if she’ll ever climb from the wreckage. Uprooting her life and moving to the seaside does little to change her heart or mind until she experiences a yearning to help a young girl who might be as lonely as she is, and an interest in a handsome bridge tender begins to smooth the edges of her pain. This is a sweet story of a woman’s journey to find peace and contentment after an agonizing loss. Emily is a likeable character who garnered my sympathy. I felt her anguish, and liked how her story didn’t progress too quickly. One doesn’t ‘get over’ the death of a loved one overnight, so I’m pleased the author took the time to gently pull her from her grief. A good summer read.        Cover: Love it Title: Love it Publisher: Zondervan P

Uncommon Marriage

This is truly an inspiring read. Tony Dungy is a fabulous role model for young and old alike, and his marriage is built on a solid foundation. I enjoyed the lessons shared in this book, and the conversational tone is easy to ingest. Marriage is more than a union; it’s a total commitment. It takes proactive choices and individual purposes. I enjoyed reading this and found it stimulating and motivating. From the book:  Uncommon Marriage   is a celebration of love and family, a collection of unforgettable stories from a beloved and respected couple, and a playbook for strengthening and improving your own relationship. Cover: Like it Title: Like it Publisher: Tyndale Momentum Pages: 255 Pace: Steady First Lines: I couldn't figure out why my pastor, John Guest, kept trying to track me down. My mom told me that he had called three times in the past week.