June 27, 2014

Love Walked Among Us - Audiobook

Jesus is Love, and He walked among us on this earth as an example of how to love, empathize, and have compassion for others. By observing His life, we can change our thoughts and views of this world and beyond. We can make our lives better, as well as those around us. We are here to make a difference, and what better way than to emulate Him.

Love Walked Among Us is broken down into 5 parts: Love Shows Compassion, Love Speaks the Truth, Love Depends on God, Love is Energized by Faith, and Love Moves Through Death into Life. Jesus’ walk on this Earth demonstrates the greatest examples of compassion, truth, love, faith, death, and life, and provides the path for us to be transformed.

I love how the narrator, Paul E. Miller (also the author) displayed Jesus’ actions. Looking at people, listening, empathizing, and loving them. This information was presented differently and more clearly than I’ve experienced in other books. Jesus’ love and compassion is palpable.

Love Walked Among Us will (should) prick your heart. Biblical stories and parables show Jesus’ compassion for others and stands as examples of how we should be. After listening to this audiobook I see things differently than I previously did—not that I didn’t know Jesus, or His ways, but it convicted me, bringing to light instances when I’ve judged others, when I’ve taken others for granted, when I’ve missed opportunities to see the world through His eyes.

This book makes an impact and provides a beautiful, unforgettable portrait of Love that walked and continues to walk among us.

Audio Production Quality: The production quality of this audiobook is spectacular. It is clear, without distracting background music or noise.

Audio Narration: In the first chapter, I’m not drawn in. The narrative pacing is stilted and the narrator’s inflection feels ‘off’. The second chapter is where I become invested in this book. The pacing increases and the voice is more natural. In some places it is still evident that he is reading, rather than speaking, but I’m only distracted minimally and infrequently. Though I feel the narration could be more effective by someone other than the author, I still recommend the audiobook over a physical or ebook copy.

Publisher: NavPress
Audio Length: 6:05:06
Pages: 274
First Lines: Jesus lived 2000 years ago in a time very different from our own. His world was almost entirely Jewish; only an occasional Gentile appears in the Gospels. His was a world of close-knit families—individuals didn’t exist apart from their extended families. All a person had was family and clan. If you lost them, you lost everything.

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