September 14, 2014

True Stories of Heaven Touching Earth

Heaven Touching Earth, by James Stuart Bell, is overflowing with inspiring testimonies of miracles, angel intervention, and heavenly encounters. What an incredible read! It’s going on my keeper shelf.

The spiritual realm is one that many think of as mysterious and unseen, but the truth is it surrounds us and touches our lives all the time. The Bible tells us we often entertain angels without even being aware of them. God also uses ordinary, everyday humans to bless us as well.

The true stories in this book not only inspire or amuse, but they illustrate the fact that God loves us, provides for us, in exciting and wondrous ways. It is filled with miraculous healings, interactions, interventions, and deliverance. God is good and He does good.

I recommend this book to anyone who hopes to be inspired or encouraged. It’s sure to fill you with the assurance that God hears your prayers, knows your situation, and has the answers. Heaven Touching Earth is the perfect gift for someone in need of healing, confirmation, or encouragement.

Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Pages: 257

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