October 3, 2014

NOAH: A Wordless Picture Book

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“But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.” Genesis 6:8

In the Biblical account of Noah, in Genesis 6, God instructed Noah, “Make thee an ark.” Noah obeyed, building the ark to God’s specifications. When he was 600 years old, he gathered food for provisions, before he and his family, and male and female of every living thing boarded the ark so they would be saved from the mighty flood.

NOAH, by Mark Ludy, demonstrates this story flawlessly in this Wordless Picture Book.

I’m in awe. Who knew that so much could be said without uttering a single word? The story is told beautifully and clearly by Mr. Ludy’s marvelous drawings – most certainly a gift from God.

Though this gorgeous hard cover book is geared toward 2-18 year-old readers, I feel the target age group is endless. The incredible illustrations are vivid, intricate, and breathtaking! What a beautiful portrait of God’s Word and the timeless importance of Noah’s faith and obedience.

NOAH is the first Wordless Picture Book I’ve read or reviewed. I truly hope it isn’t the last. I plan to search out other Ludy books, since this one has impressed me so.

I’m delighted I came upon this author, and I’m fascinated by his work. Memorable, stunning, and impactful artistry. I promise you, just as the back cover states, you’ll never read this story in the same way again.”

5 stars - Highly recommended!

You'll have to search, but cute little "Squeakers" can be found on every page!

About the Author: 
Mark Ludy has written or illustrated eight children’s books including The Farmer, The Flower Man, The Grump, and Jujo the Youngest Tribesman. When he’s not immersed in his sketchbooks, you’ll find him in schools promoting art and literacy. He lives in Colorado with his wife, daughter, and two sons.

Cover: Love it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Pages: 64

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  1. Until now, I didn't know wordless books existed! Thank you for such a wonderful review. I will certainly purchase this for my grandkids.


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