November 2, 2014

God's Greatest Gift

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God’s greatest gift is you!

God’s Greatest Gift (written and illustrated by Deborah Burch) is a Christian hardback book that illustrates to children that they are blessings from God.

The aesthetics of this book are charming. Lively, colorful drawings and the playful font (curly-Q’s, and dotting the letter i with a flower) are unique and inviting. 

Another feature of this book worth noting is the thickness and sturdiness of the pages—not as chunky as board book pages, brawny enough to allow tiny fingers to turn them with ease.

The rhyming text, with a rhythmic flow, asks the question, “Is God’s greatest gift...?” then details several possibilities throughout, with the final statement revealing the answer.

The child portrayed in this story could be seen as either gender, with no physical qualities pointing to male or female, but with flowers, butterflies, etc… I’d assume the character is a girl. Either way, little boys and girls alike can enjoy this book.

Overall, this book shares a sweet message and is a wonderful, quality book for a young child’s library. With a page in the front with a ‘To:’ and ‘From;’ section, it makes it convenient to present it as a gift.

4 Stars - Recommended 

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: God's Greatest Gift, LLC
Pages: 32
First Line: Is God’s greatest gift the stars in the sky…

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  1. I love the cover! This would make a great gift for any child. Thanks for sharing this review!


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