November 20, 2014

So Much the Better, by Megan Means

He who strives to keep gladness in his heart remains strong.

So Much the Better, by Megan Means, is an 89-page, 17-chapter book (each chapter containing 3-5 pages) for elementary or middle school children.  Although the book is short, it contains a full, robust storyline and interesting and a beloved animal cast. It took me (an adult) less than two hours to read the book in its entirety. Both entertaining and edifying, the story gave me a smile and left me satisfied.

Little lion cub, Ari, gets swept away by an intense storm called the Black Wind, and is separated from his mother. When he wakes, unsure of where he is or what exactly happened, he’s frightened and alone. He’s determined to find his pride and hopes the friends he makes along the way can help him do so. On his journey he meets a whole cast of creatures (some friendly, and some not) and learns numerous lessons—courage, wisdom, forgiveness, friendship, and strength in numbers, to name a few.

The animal cast, with their diverse personalities and unique names, moves the story forward and holds the reader’s interest. Some of my favorite characters are: Ari, the unforgettable lion cub, Eliezer, the wise eagle, Shirarina, the colorful bird, Gamzo, the sly fox, and Dov, the great brown bear. Each of these characters (among others) makes a special impact on Ari.

So Much the Better is an unforgettable and enjoyable tale. Through Ari’s adventures readers can discover a world of possibilities within their own lives.

4 stars - Recommended reading

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Pages: 89
Pace: Steady
First Lines: Ari caught sight of his next victim. Slowly, he crept closer as he circled his prey. 

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