November 15, 2014

The Christmas Cat

“Gram taught me a lot of valuable things. Like telling the truth and persevering even when a situation looked like it was hopeless.”

The Christmas Cat, by Melody Carlson, is a fun, cute, heartwarming tale. When Garrison Brown’s grandmother dies, he is left in charge of finding homes for her many cats. Though her dying wishes are mighty peculiar and difficult to follow, he’s determined to carry them out. In doing so, he meets a variety of people, overcomes fears, and learns more about his grandmother, as well as himself.

As a cat-lover, and owner of a Maine Coon, (pictured on the cover) I connected to so much in this story. Cat’s are finicky, affectionate, and make unique companions. The author shows these traits and infuses the story with just the right amounts of humor, grace, and depth.

The Christmas Cat is a cheery read, with lots of heart and Christmas cheer. A great gift for cat-lovers, as well as those who just enjoy lighthearted, feel-good quick reads.

4 stars

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Revell
Pages: 177
Pace: Steady
First Line: Garrison Brown had been known to cross the street to avoid contact with a common house cat.

Look Inside the book HERE.

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