December 4, 2014

A Donkey's Little Tale - Giveaway!

Then suddenly, before my eyes—a stable by a stream.
No better spot imaginable—not in my fondest dream!

A Donkey’s Little Tale, by R. Mitchell Scott, is a cute, rhyming story of Christ’s birth, told from a donkey’s perspective.

The donkey tells the reader (in a first person point of view) about his journey to a city with his two masters. One of his masters, a quiet woman expecting a baby, rides on his back, and the other master, a gentle man who cares for his wife, leads him by the reins. Upon reaching the city gates they’re told there are no rooms left to rent, so they find a stable that, from the donkey’s outlook, is the perfect place to rest.

I enjoyed this story and the way it is told in poetic verse. The rhyming couplets have a lilting cadence and the message doesn’t suffer due to keeping the meter.

The illustrations, by Brittany Huskey, are cute and colorful—they look almost like Fisher Price Little People, crafted from clay. She does a wonderful job of matching the mild-mannered donkey’s positive outlook to his genteel appearance, which gives the story a reverent feel.

I wish the author had included names of people and places—Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. Perhaps even fictional names for the donkey and other animals would make them more memorable.

Nevertheless, this story-poem is gratifying and sweet, and The Good News, told from a genteel donkey, is truly a unique perspective.

4 Stars

Cover: Like it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Ambassador International
Pages: 32
Target: Elementary school—or a read-aloud story to younger children.
First Lines: While walking through the wilderness one dry and thirsty day, my master led me to a small oasis ‘long the way.

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