December 1, 2014

The Plant Plus Diet Solution

Personalized Nutrition for Life!

The Plant Plus Diet Solution reiterates the belief that we need to listen to our bodies and change what we put into them. Now the problem lies in the fact that, though we believe this needs to take place, we often don’t know how to go about doing it.

I’m thankful for this book – which simplifies, clarifies, and personalizes a way of making bodies and minds healthier. Getting off track is awfully easy with the fat, calorie, and chemical laden unhealthy food options offered to us on restaurant menus, and don’t even get me started on fast food. Ugh. What I really like about this book--although it can be overwhelming with so much information and time consuming to read--is the basic science behind what we put into our bodies (or what we should put into them) is simplified.

Have you heard the adage, Garbage in, garbage out? Well, that hits the nail on the head. We can’t expect our minds and bodies to work at full capacity (or even moderate) if we don’t provide it with the right kind of fuel.

This book is separated into four sections, Science Bites (18 chapters) Lifestyle Bites (4 chapters) Getting Down to Business (2 chapters) and Let’s Eat (4 chapters.) These cover a variety of things we do (or should do and don’t) to our bodies, and how outside forces, not just the foods we eat, affect us. For instance, stress wreaks havoc on so much more than just our sleep habits or stiff neck and shoulder muscles. The book also covers life’s simplicities, such as eating breakfast—and why it is important.

One tool I found especially helpful is the Medical Symptom Checklist in the Appendix, where (as the inside cover states clearly) I’m able to track the changes in my body as my personalized PlantPlus solution optimizes my metabolism.

Another useful tool is the Plus – the personalized finding of what your plus is, based on your own metabolism. (It might be soy, milk, fish, poultry, meat, etc…)

I also appreciate the section titled, Joan and Gordon’s Favorite PlantPlus Recipes. I haven’t tried the recipes yet, but I’ve copied several of them down to make in the near future. The Chicken Piccata, Kale Salad, and Keep-‘Em-Coming Chocolate-Chip Cookies will soon find their way to my dining table!

If you’re concerned with the health of your mind, body, and spirit, The Plant Plus Diet Solution is a wonderful, comprehensive guide to start you on the right track. Dr. Joan Borysenko, a Harvard-trained cell biologist and health psychologist provides a great recipe for success.

The video below gives a good understanding of what to expect from this book:

4 stars 

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Pages: 365
First Paragraph (Introduction): Most people I talk to are downright confused and frustrated about what to eat and why. Is whole grain the staff of life, or can it damage the brain or gut? Is wheat a particularly scary bogeyman or not? Is eating an egg really as bad as smoking a cigarette? What about meat? Dairy? Fish? Soy? My intention is to give you the information you need to decide which of these foods (the Plus) foods in the PlantPlus Diet Solution) are right for you.

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