December 24, 2014

To You; Love God

Within you burns the light of the ages—a brilliance that rivals the stars…

To You; Love God, by Will Bowen, is a lovely hardback 365-day devotional.

What if we woke each day to a love letter from God? Wouldn’t it be incredible to be encouraged and comforted by his loving words before we gulp down our coffee and proceed with our tasks?

Daily devotions with our loving Father propels us into a more joyous, more focused life, and reading a daily passage, written in the form of a letter from God, is a unique and simple way to do so.

The book consists of over four hundred pages, with a full page dedicated to each daily love letter (or devotion) that only takes less than a minute to read and a few minutes to digest or meditate. Who doesn’t have five minutes or so each morning?

Another unique feature of this book is that each month’s devotions share a theme. The twelve themes are: Awaken, Love, Release, Believe, Do, Transform, Intend, Transcend, Cultivate, Flow, Appreciate, and Flourish. As a lover of organization, I really like this aspect. It gives the reader an idea of what to center their attention on throughout the month. For instance, if we pledge to focus on being more appreciative for a particular month (in this book November’s theme is Appreciation) we’ll notice numerous things we take for granted.

I really wish the devotion pages included biblical verses. This doesn’t necessarily take-away from the experience of To You; Love God, but corresponding verses would’ve provided extra oomph. Nevertheless, I rate this 5-star worthy.

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Convergent Books
Pages: 402
First Lines (January 1): To: You Awaken to the plight of those around you. Their burden is as heavy as your own. Awaken to their willingness to share your load and to accompany you on your path. Awaken to the importance of what you have considered to be little things. Awaken to the triviality of what you have considered to be big things.

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