December 15, 2014

Watch For The Light

Advent…this four-week period leading up to Christmas is making a comeback.

Watch for the Light is an accommodating book for the Christmas season. It’s a collection of readings for each day of Advent (November 24th through January 7th) that takes the frazzle and stress out of the holiday preparations. The only thing we need to prepare is our hearts—not shopping, gifts, decorations, spending, or greeting cards, and many of these 50 daily devotions deliver a calmness and realization of the deeper meaning of Christmas.

One aspect of this book that I really enjoyed is that the daily passages aren’t only a paragraph long. They’re more in depth, some spanning many pages. They take only a few minutes to read, but some of the messages are profound and stayed in my thoughts throughout the day.

I also enjoyed the Bible verses and poems throughout. They soothe the soul and feed the spirit just as much as singing hymns and hearing sermons do.

The con to this book is the lack of scripture references. I would’ve liked more Bible verses (at least one pertaining to each devotion) and less politically and intellectually inspired writings.

We miss the essence of Christmas unless we become, in the words of Eberhard Arnold, “mindful of how Christ’s birth took place.” Once we do, we will sense immediately that Advent marks something momentous: God’s coming into our midst. (from the Introduction)

Watch for the Light shares warm, meaningful readings for Christmastime, but those seeking a traditional devotional might be disappointed by the lack of daily verses.

3 Stars

Cover: Love it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Pages: 344

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