January 1, 2015

Captain No Beard: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate's Life

“Swab the decks, pump the bilges, climb the mast, and shiver me timbers!”

Captain No Beard, by Carole P. Roman, is a charming fiction story that sparks young readers’ imaginations. With delightful, alliterative characters and fun, pirate phrasing, the reader sails the high seas alongside the crew. The colorful illustrations are detailed and attention grabbing.

When it’s playtime for a regular boy named Alexander, he invents the persona of Captain No Beard, transforms his bed into an imaginary frigate dubbed the Flying Dragon (because it sounds scary) appoints his cousin Hallie as first mate and his treasured stuffed animals become the rest of his crew.

While sailing the high seas in a search for treasure, each mate has important tasks, and Captain No Beard recognizes that being a captain is hard work. When the crew encounters a storm they help a mate in trouble, and are startled by the arrival of an unexpected visitor.

Captain No Beard is a captivating story for children of all ages. This softbound book, and recipient of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award, exercises the imagination—creating a world of make-believe. And that, matey, is something to be treasured!


Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Pages: 40
Target Reader: Children of all ages
First Line: Captain No Beard lived on a small island with his hearty bunch of mates.

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