January 1, 2015

Courage & Comfort Bible Learning Cards

Illustrated Bible flashcards with Bible Verses and Discussion starters.

Courage & Comfort Bible Learning Cards product description: These illustrated cards introduce and remind our children of some important Bible verses. These verses give courage to face the day, and comfort in the midst of it all. The verses, pictures and hopefully a few discussions will help these words from God sink into our children’s minds and hearts.

This boxed set of sturdy laminated learning cards consists of 20 color-coded and illustrated flashcards and are intended for children 6-13 years of age. There are 10 cards on the subject of Courage and 10 cards on the subject of Comfort. A book ring is included to hold the cards together, or they can be used separately as traditional flashcards.

Colorful, detailed drawings fill the entire front side of each 5”x7”card with the word “Courage” or “Comfort” at the top. The backside of each card displays a smaller version of the front illustration, a Bible verse, relevant questions and discussion-starters.

The cards depict girls and boys of different ages and nationalities, making children of all walks of life able to connect to the illustrations.

“Courage” card (front and back) example:


“Comfort” card (front and back) example:

Courage & Comfort Bible Learning Cards not only provide wonderful tools to encourage boys and girls to learn biblical verses and principles, but also make nice gifts for parents, grandparents, or teachers of our young ones.

These flashcards offer a fun way to help reassure children that they can find courage and comfort in God.

4 stars

Illustrations: Like
Title: Like
Flashcards: 21 (including the insert card with instructions)
Publisher: words2remember4kids
Target Age: 4-13

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