January 3, 2015

Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone: Simple Truths for Profound Living

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Somehow along the way, we seem to have lost the simple truths. It seems that they’ve become cumbersome or irrelevant, or they get in the way of our agendas.

To put it simply, Flecks of Gold on a Path of Stone: Simple Truths for Profound Living, by Craig D. Lounsbrough, is about looking at the big picture by noticing and implementing the little things.

Living a profound life isn’t about making strategies or following trends, it’s about nurturing relationships, loving our neighbors, seeking wisdom, having faith, and noticing and being thankful for the ‘little things’ that are often overlooked in today’s world.

The book is divided into five sections dealing with profound times, relationships, growth, wisdom, and living. Chapters begin with a bible verse (NIV) and a relevant quote. I really like the inclusion of scripture verses, and also that the author chose to capitalize all references to God.

Chapter 1 (Being Thankful: A Forgotten Art) drew me in. The world has forgotten how to have a thankful heart. In the ‘me’ generation we live in, people feel entitled to just about everything, taking so much for granted. What a sad way to look at the blessings God bestows us every single day.

Chapter 40 (Mining Memories: The Tool of Memories) also stood out to me. We get used to things, and therefore, no matter how spectacular something might be, it soon becomes the norm. One example that comes to mind is 9/11. Everyone was praying, lending a hand, filling church pews, even the members of Congress were singing God Bless America on the steps of the Capital Building. Where is this sense of Unity now?  We fail to tap into our memories, learn to draw from history it’s wealth and wisdom.

Like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs, these flecks of gold serve as a guide through life’s challenges, leading us to a reinvigorated, more insightful life. The perfect book for the New Year.

4 stars

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Ambassador International
Pages: 288
First lines: Being thankful is a genuinely nice idea. It’s an action that we feel obligated to take, one of those socially appropriate courtesies that we’re supposed to adhere to because it’s just the right thing to do.

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