January 24, 2015

If You Were Me and Lived in Portugal

“So now you see, if you were me, how life in Portugal could really be.”

If You Were Me and Lived in…Portugal is part of the “If You Were Me and Lived In…” children’s book series. It takes young readers on an educational journey to Western Europe.

The book opens to a highlighted map indicating Portugal’s location, and describes how the country got its name. The book continues with drawings and descriptions illustrating the geographic, cultural, and historical aspects of this country.

Young readers will find the unique names, foods, and activities interesting. The colorful drawings of the Portugal Carnevale, and popular meals, such as salted cod (bacalhau) and custard tarts (pastelis de nata) are detailed, fun, and memorable. 

This series of books brings cultural awareness to readers while they are wildly curious. I recommend the entire series for explorers who are curious about the world.

4.5 stars 

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Pages: 28
Target Reader: Elementary school age children
First Line: “If you were me and lived in Portugal (Por-tu-gal), you would find yourself on the Iberian (i-ber-i-en) Peninsula in the most western country on the mainland of Europe.”

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