January 16, 2015

No One Can Stem the Tide

“O Shepherd, on the hills of light, may we acknowledge thee alone who holds us through the bitterest night and always, always calls us home.” --Christ the Shepherd (page 170)

No One Can Stem the Tide, by Jane Tyson Clement, is an anthology of her poems collected and published after her death. The book opens with a fascinating foreword, displaying her noteworthy and devoted dedication to fairness and equality. It’s rare that I find an introduction so intriguing and revealing. I wish the book expounded on the foreword’s author, divulged only by the initials C.M.Z., and how this individual knew Ms. Clement.

Besides the captivating introduction, Ms. Clement’s poems reveal her philanthropic heart. Her poems, focusing on an array of topics (the sea, love and longing, art, nature, time and change, self-knowledge, and faith) cause us to experience the world with a fresh and fervent illumination. Without a doubt, she was a gifted writer.

If you enjoy the art of poetry and the emotive power of a charitable heart, you’ll be blessed by this collection of verses.

4 stars

Cover: Like it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Pages: 170

I also recommend Ms. Clement’s extraordinary treasure of short stories, The Secret Flower. This book, rich in symbolism, made me reminiscent of the fables I loved as a child.

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