January 7, 2015

Snowman's Story

Snowman’s Story, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand, is a charming, wordless storybook. It conveys the themes of sharing, teamwork, and friendship.

Initially, I thought this would be a retelling of the story of Frosty the Snowman but, though there are some similarities, Snowman’s Story takes on a whole different feel. I especially like the satisfying and redemptive ending. (I wouldn’t dare give it away.)

Description from the inside jacket cover: 
One wintry day, Snowman comes to life with the help of some animals and a tall black hat. After reading his new friends a story, Snowman falls asleep…until a mischievous bunny pops out of the hat and steals the book. The chase is on! And Snowman and his friends are in for an adventure—and then, a surprise.

Brimming with charm and moments of gentle humor, this hardback wordless book lets children retell the story in their very own way, even as they delight in the action-filled pages.

This is only the second wordless storybook I’ve ‘read’ and reviewed. I love the concept—telling a tale with illustrations—and feel it provides a prime opportunity for children who haven’t yet learned to read to use their imaginations, gathering their own observations from the colorful, delightful, dynamic drawings.

Snowman’s Story makes a wonderful addition to any child’s, parent’s, teacher’s, or grandparent’s bookshelf.

5 Stars – Highly recommended

Cover: Love it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Two Lions
Pages: 32

About the Author:
Will Hillenbrand has illustrated many beloved picture books, including "Kiss the Cow by Phyllis Root"; "Smash! Mash! Crash! There Goes the Trash!" by Barbara Odanka; and "What a Treasure!" by Jane Hillenbrand. He also wrote and illustrated another Christmas story, "Asleep in the Stable". Will enjoys visiting classrooms to talk about the creative process involved in making a picture book. He lives with his wife, Jane, and their son, Ian, in Terrace Park, Ohio.

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