February 20, 2015

The Dandelion Field

Gin couldn’t pinpoint the exact day she’d stashed a suitcase in the closet without unpacking the contents first. All Gin knew was that it made her feel better. She decided when it was time to leave. She decided where they should go.

I love this book. The Dandelion Field, by Kathryn Springer, is an engrossing, evocative, delicious read! A glued-to-my-fingers kind of book.

Nomadic single mother Gin Lightly and her teen daughter Raine unexpectedly end up in Bannister Falls on their way to Minneapolis. She listens to her daughter’s pleas to stay put until she graduates high school, but she soon regrets the decision when she hears the dreaded words, “I’m pregnant.”

If she’d done just one thing different, their lives would be on a different track, and Raine’s future would be bright. Determined to not make the same mistakes her mother did, Gin embraces Raine and her uncertain future, but resents Cody Bennett, the young man who derailed her. After meeting firefighter Dan Moretti, a close friend of Cody’s family, she fights her own fear of the future. Will she allow the spark she feels when Dan is near ignite to something more? Or will the wall she’s built to protect her heart go up in flames?

One of the things that really stood out to me was how I could relate to every single character. Though their personalities, characteristics, and life experiences couldn’t be more diverse, they all had such universal elements of life and love that it made it easy to put myself in everybody’s shoes.

The Dandelion Field is multilayered and jam-packed with tasty goodies. I love the Bannister Falls community and the genuine Moretti clan. It’s easy to love this small town flowing with good deeds and undercurrents of uncertainty, these sturdy families with crumbling neighbors, and the mix of buried treasures and tarnished jewels.

5 Stars!

Cover: Love it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Zondervan (HarperCollins Publishing)
Pages: 347
Pace: Steady/fast
First lines: “Okay, Ginevieve. What’s bugging you?” Besides being called Ginevieve? Gin’s back teeth snapped together so she wouldn’t be tempted to say the words out loud. Even though a side dish of sarcasm accompanied every blue plate special Sue Granger served to her customers, Gin’s boss didn’t tolerate it from the hired help.

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