March 3, 2015

FAITH Joseph's Story

“A slave, a servant, and a prisoner too: Joseph often thought that his life might be through. But he learned that he must be willing to stand and follow the leading of God’s special plan.”

FAITH Joseph’s Story, by Sandra Lea Hardage, is two important books in one: an account of Joseph’s life and a comprehensive Bible study. Scripture quotes are taken from the New International Version (NIV.)

Because of his favored position with his father, Joseph’s many brothers grew so jealous of the attention he received that they began to hate him.

The first seventy-four pages give a first person view of Jacob’s favored son, Joseph. He tells of his life at home with his brothers, being sold into slavery, and ultimately became ruler of Egypt and saved his family from famine. The story is told in a conversational tone, as if Joseph recounts events in his life and is eager to share them with the reader.

All things work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

The second half of the book contains valuable information, providing Joseph’s genealogy, numerous study questions, the plan of salvation, a story-poem of Joseph’s life, and even a leader’s guide (providing answers to the study questions) to assist Sunday school teachers, parents, etc.

Use the gifts the Lord has given you for His pleasure.

FAITH Joseph’s Story is a wonderful learning tool for all ages. I enjoyed reviewing Joseph’s life and how Ms. Hardage reveals the parallels of Joseph’s life with our own. Satan’s intentions for Joseph’s life were for evil, but God used it for good. He does the same in our lives. We each have a purpose, and He uses circumstances in our lives as learning experiences and strengthening tools to help us through our journeys.

About the Author: Sandra Lea Hardage, an Arkansas native, is an educator, Bible teacher, and founder of the online ministry, My Journey of Faith. She has taught Joseph’s story many times, including an online study of Genesis. She continues to teach via video for Connected! Online Bible Study, found at

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: CrossBooks
Pages: 141
First Lines (chapter one): I am Joseph, vizier and second in command under the great Pharaoh, King of Egypt. I am known by my Egyptian name, Zapehnath-Paneah and nothing happens in this land except through me.

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