March 28, 2015

Two Little Blackbirds

“Two little blackbirds sittin’ on a hill…”

The 18th-century nursery rhyme “Two Little Blackbirds” is rhythmic, repetitive, and recognizable. The blend of sing-songy lyrics and the charming illustrations in this Music Together hardback book makes story time fun and memorable.

The rhyme tells (in simple terms) about two blackbirds, Jack and Jill, who repeatedly fly away to gather items to provide a nest, feed their young, and teach them to fly. The illustrations are colorful and playful—sure to capture a little one’s attention.

Sing ~ Play ~ Read

With reading, illustrations, music, and activities, this book is chock-full of entertainment value and introduces young ones to the arts. Two Little Blackbirds singalong storybook is a nice addition to any child’s (or childcare worker’s) bookshelf.

The book comes with a free music download, as well as a music page (if you play an instrument), fun activities to do with your child, and a link to the Music Together website that provides information on their mission, the research behind their program, outreach ministries, and more.


 5 Stars! So cute!

Cover: Love it
Title: Love it
Publisher: Music Together LLC
Pages: 32

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