March 23, 2015

Why Christmas?

God gives us many gifts to show His great love. He gives the gift of sunshine, rain, food, work, rest, family, and friends. But Jesus is the greatest gift of all.

Does your child (children) know why we celebrate Christmas? Does he/she know the reason God sent his Son to us? Well, this priceless devotion book provides a wonderful opportunity to talk with your child (children) about these questions and more.

Why Christmas, written by Barbara Reaoch, and illustrated by Carol McCarty, helps you and your child discover the true meaning of Christmas and the value of the Gift God gave us.

This 9” x 9” (approximate) softbound book is a 24-day devotional, bringing to light the gift of Jesus and the profound effect He makes in our lives.

Each day is neatly organized, guiding you and your child through the following steps:

Bible passage: (example: Read: Luke 2:8-16)
Listen: (A couple paragraphs describing what you’ve read)
Truth: (One-sentence truth, describing theme of day’s devotion)
Discuss: (Discussion questions that help you dig deeper)
Memorize: (Memory passage for the week/verse for the day)
Sing: (Song lyrics provided in the back)

The devotions are thorough and loaded with invaluable life-changing information. The full-page illustrations for each daily passage (reminiscent of my younger Sunday school days) provide crisp visuals, making the experience feel like story-time, rather than lesson-time.

In my opinion, this book can be read anytime of the year, not just Christmas, and makes a wonderful addition to a child’s, parents’, Sunday school teacher’s, or caregiver’s library.

4.5 Stars

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Shepherd Press
Pages: 61
First Lines (Introduction): Start reading Why Christmas? at any time of the year. However, to prepare your family for a meaningful celebration of Christmas, start reading twenty-four days before Christmas Day.

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