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The Inn at Ocean's Edge

“The salt-laden air cleared the panic, and she turned to walk down the cliff steps to the waiting sand. The sea would calm her.” ~The Inn at Ocean’s Edge Title: The Inn at Ocean’s Edge Author: Colleen Coble Publisher: Thomas Nelson ISBN-10: 1401690262 ISBN-13: 978-1401690267 The Inn at Ocean’s Edge , by Colleen Coble , is the first installment of the new Sunset Cove Series. The story reveals how seemingly perfect lives can crumble in an instant, but with time, faith, acceptance, and love, much can be restored. If you seek a good Christian mystery, or romantic suspense, I feel you’ll love this book. This isn’t my first experience reading Colleen Coble’s work, so I suspected I’d enjoy this book long before holding it in my hands. Colleen creates such believable, memorable characters and almost tangible settings. She delivers exciting twists, tension-filled atmosphere, and meaningful messages within her books—she’s truly a master storyteller. Colleen’s

The Love Letters

I had assured Nat I was Old Order, skin to bone, despite where my parents or grandmother attended church. ~The Love Letters The Love Letters , by Beverly Lewis, is a sweet, poignant story with themes of loss, sacrifice, and the work of miracles. After Marlena Wenger’s grandfather dies, she leaves her Old Order in Mifflinburg, as well as Nathanial Zimmerman, the man she hopes to marry, for her Mennonite grandmother’s home in Brownstown, Pennsylvania. Mammi needs her help, and soon after, her sister is injured in a car accident and her baby is sent to Mammi’s for Marlena to care for as well. With so much going on, so much responsibility at her feet, and missing her beau, Nathaniel, she becomes confused and torn as to what she wants, believes, and where her life, and her heart is leading her. I haven’t read a lot of Amish stories, but enjoyed this one tremendously. The characters are nicely developed, the setting and the ‘feel’ of the story are tangible, and the message i

A Heart's Danger

“I can’t pine after Rand the rest of my days. He’s made his decision very clear.” ~ A Heart’s Danger A Heart’s Danger, by Colleen Coble, is book three of a six-part Journey of the Heart series. I haven’t read the previous two books, but that didn’t keep me from becoming completely enthralled by this one. I love the concept of these ‘mini’ stories, easily read in a day, but swelling with action, adventure, and love. The characters are easy to friend, and are difficult to part with. Reading a book in this time period, 1866, is new to me, but I was quickly immersed into battles with the Sioux, and hardships of the rugged western territories. As I stated before, I didn’t start this series at the beginning, but I certainly want to now! I love Sarah’s tenacity, and Rand’s devotion and courage. I want to find out more about them, their history. I’ve read other works by Colleen Coble, a gifted Christian writer, and have never been disappointed. From the settings to the ch

Better All the Time

When her sister had gone, Sephy lay on her side for a long time, staring at the wall and hating Amy just the littlest bit. But hating herself even more. ~Better All the Time Better All the Time, by Carre Armstrong Gardner , displays an accurate look into family dynamics with the Darling family. With strengths and flaws, each member feels like someone I know. Disagreements and disillusions can appear in any family and still stand strong, as long as the foundation is built of love. This story includes themes of addiction, forgiveness, faith, and self-acceptance. I enjoyed the Maine setting, the lively, vivid characters, and the many stories within the story (which I admit can be tricky to follow at times.) But in the end I enjoyed delving into the lives of Sephy, Amy, and Laura most of all. *Note: There are some topics that readers may find surprising in Christian fiction. The topics are not offensive, but for sensitive readers, it’s best to be informed the book co