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Moment by Moment

Moment by Moment, by Jennifer Flanders, is a charming, functional, inspiring journal for girls. Never a trial that He is not there, Never a burden that He doth not bear, Never a sorrow that He doth not share, Moment by moment, I’m under His care. ~hymn by Daniel W. Whittle. When I was a child and on through my teen years, I thoroughly enjoyed writing in my journals. I was creative, contemplative, and open with my thoughts and feelings. My journals were mostly comprised of simple spiral notebooks. The reason being because my store-bought diaries and journals were designed for daily writing with dates prominently displayed at the top of the page. I found this intimidating because I didn’t have the discipline to write every day, and oftentimes didn’t have anything to say for days on end. The results were small entries hidden among large sections of blank pages. Wasting all that space was discouraging. That’s why I LOVE this devotional journal. It is constructed in a way

Love's Rescue

Love’s Rescue , by Christine Johnson, the first book of the Keys of Promise series, takes place in the mid 1800s in Florida’s Key West. The wind howled and the sea battered the hull, but nature’s tempest could not surpass the storm in Elizabeth’s heart. For four years she’d tried unsuccessfully to forget Rourke O’Malley.” ~page 19 One thing I liked about this story was the setting. The description of the Florida Keys is interesting and somehow familiar. I’ve never visited the area before, but the imagery made me feel as if I had. Another aspect I liked was the theme of ‘going back home.’ These kinds of stories have always interested me. It’s interesting to see how characters deal with their pasts—especially if they were troublesome, tragic, or painful. I liked Elizabeth Benjamin, most of the time anyway. I wish she’d been fleshed out a bit more though. Oftentimes my emotions wavered between sympathy and annoyance, but my fluctuating feelings is what kept me turning

How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible

How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible , by Keith Ferrin, is a 160-page paperback book that provides a new approach to reading the Bible. It shares 10 sensible tips aiming to help readers discover a deeper relationship with God as they find new joy within the pages of the Bible. "God has much to teach us. We have much to learn. But don’t miss the story. It is such a fantastic story! There are heroes, battles, and villains. There are crazy characters, and yes, some dull ones. There are plot twists, mystery, and intrigue. There is humor. Lots of it. I’m not kidding. (Pun intended. Forgive me.)"  – Page 20 As the books introduction so poignantly points out, it’s one thing to believe the Bible is true, and to believe you should read it more, study it more deeply, and memorize its verses—but do you enjoy reading it? The tips provided prompt the reader to examine why they are reading the Bible, where to set your expectations, how to build a strategy, etc. Some things I

In Firefly Valley

Though her dreams included a husband and children, Marisa knew she was not ready for either. She needed more time to heal. ~In Firefly Valley Who said you can’t go home again? That’s exactly what Marisa St. George does in Amanda Cabot’s, In Firefly Valley. When Marisa looses her job, she finds herself back in her hometown in Texas, managing the Rainbow’s End resort. I love stories that take characters back to their hometowns. There’s something romantic about coming home older and wiser, and making realizations that were buried beneath years of time. While I grew to like Marisa, it took a bit. She is headstrong and sometimes a little hard to accept. I like that she has flaws though – and her growth is evident. As the second book in the Texas Crossroads series, it still does a fine job of being a stand-alone. I don’t believe new readers to the series will get lost as they read, or question if they’re missing tidbits from the earlier installment. The story has a ni