June 10, 2015

Everyone Belongs to God

Everyone Belongs to God is an encouraging and inspirational guide that opens the reader’s eyes to a new way of seeing those we encounter day by day.

There remains a precious jewel in every person, which is stronger than any outward pressure in their lives (John 1:9). 
The author, Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt (1842-1919), wasn’t a scholar. He was a Lutheran Pastor in Germany who sought God’s plan for each of us. Blumhardt’s selfless heart is evident in his fatherly guidance, taken from 100 year old letters he’d written to his missionary son-in-law.

As Christians, we are all missionaries, aren’t we? Or we should be anyway. So this book applies to our daily lives and the paths we choose to take in our Christian walk. It comes across as loving guidance, rather than scholarly instruction. Each page exudes gentle direction, encouragement, and soul-pricking inspiration.

There is something in each person that will never be lost, something that can always be resurrected. That is the gospel.

Let’s face it – Christianity has been given a bad connotation in recent years. Much of the world sees Christians as an intolerant and judgmental group. The challenge of this book is to alter that view by approaching each individual we come across as belonging to God. Loved, and sought after by a gracious and loving Father.

“I lay claim to you, not to judge you or condemn you, but to help you” (John 12:47). This is the light of the gospel and the darkness cannot overcome it (John 1:5).

We, as Christians, aren’t given the task of saving he world. Nor are we able to. But we are to be examples and guides, and to trust that it is God who is working in the heads and hearts of the people around us, and it’s Him alone who can transform souls.

The chapter headings below give a vibrant look at the personality of this book:

1.        Keep the Kingdom in View
2.        Avoid Being Religious
3.        See How Christ is Already at Work
4.        Remain Among the People
5.        Open Wide Your Heart
6.        Make God’s Love Known
7.        Show the Gospel
8.        Allow the Spirit to Work
9.        Always Hope

This is a thought provoking, transforming book with discussion questions at the back of the book for reflection.

5 Stars

Cover: Like it
Title: Like it
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Pages: 163

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