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Never Said

Never Said , by Carol Lynch Williams, is uniquely written. The twin sister’s chapters are opposing in structure style and font, making it easy to follow their individual points of view. The fifteen-year-old sisters present their stories in first person—Annie in poetic free verse, and Sarah in present tense prose. I agree with my sister. Fat and thin. Night and day. Angry and silent. Let’s drop the show we put on for everyone. None of us are who we say we are. ~ Annie The book is written is brief chapters and short, somewhat choppy sentences. Initially I found this distracting, but the distinctive style soon became endearing and relatable. It’s interesting how the twins present themselves so differently, internally and externally. Sarah is an anxious, thin tomboy who buries herself in books, is riddled with anxiety, and feels somewhat invisible. Annie, her outspoken, more beautiful sister, has gained 45 pounds in the past year feels exposed and rebellious.

Until the Harvest

Take this journey of broken souls restored and tentative hearts brought fully to life ~from back cover Until the Harvest , book #2 in the Appalachian Blessings series, by Sarah Loudin Thomas, is such a great read. I love this series and want to visit the setting and time (though it a difficult era) these stories take place. Ms. Thomas is a gifted storyteller and infuses each tale with just the right amount of emotion. Let both grow together until the harvest. ~Matthew 13:24-30 This story takes place in Appalachia, a charming, if not difficult setting. The Characters, many of whom I grew to love in Appalachian Serenade (The introduction novella of the series) and Miracle in a Dry Season (book 1) are so memorable. I rooted for them and cared about their circumstances. Until the Harvest is filled with emotion. As with the two previous stories, I enjoyed the goodness that lies beneath the surface of this town. I won’t soon forget this story, the characters, or the

The Wonder of You

Sometimes plans we have for our lives are quickly set off course. Sometimes we have no idea what path to go on and God directly places us where we didn’t necessarily want to go. These are just some of the scenarios Susan May Warren created for us in book #5 in the Christiansen Family series, The Wonder of You . “‘Wise men say only fools rush in…’” Amelia wanted to wince at the way the lyrics rubbed along her conscience, hitting her choices from the past year and, most recently, the blow up at the Christiansen family home. ~quote from chapter one I enjoyed Amelia’s dilemma of what to do with her life, how to do it, and with whom. Oftentimes others map out a youngest sibling’s life, but Amelia has a strong inner spirit and wants to blaze her own path— go big, or go home. Although I’m not the youngest of my siblings, I relate to Amelia’s predicament. I was the youngest for ten years and found myself trying to please my older siblings and do what they wanted for my life.

Hope Harbor

Emotional and heartwarming, this story invites readers to come home to Hope Harbor, where love and hope bloom--and hearts heal. I love stories of second chances, especially when they permeate with spiritual faith. I read this story at a little more relaxed pace than usual. Perhaps I was too tired to sink fully into it, or perhaps it was the emotional nature of the story. Maybe I related too well to the losses, and didn’t want to revisit those emotions? With that said, the characters in this novel are multifaceted and easy to relate to. I loved the unique setting (a cranberry farm) and the how the book progressed into a tapestry of different storylines. The author is a gifted writer, and deals with issues such as grief, healing, and forgiveness. Though it deals with serious emotions and struggles, it is written with finesse and reveals spiritual growth. It’s satisfying and memorable. 4 Stars Cover: Love Title: Love Publisher: Revell Pages: 352