August 13, 2015

Knowing My God Series Starter Set

The Knowing My God Series Starter Set, written by Callie Grant, and designed by Jodie Stowe, is a delightful collection of children’s books focusing on getting to know our God.

The set of three 7”x6” (approximate size) board books are well crafted and sturdy, and share beautiful messages. Each centers on a particular Bible passage. With 18 colorful pages in each book, the left pages illustrate colorful snapshots, while Bible passages and supportive texts are displayed on the right. The fun, childlike drawings are only depicted on the front and back covers (inside and out.)

Below are first lines and descriptions of each book:

Jesus Invites Me
God’s Son, Jesus, came from Heaven to live on Earth.

Centering on Matthew 11:28-30 (NIV), this book explains how Jesus reaches out to the world with comforting words of hope and help. The illustrations mainly spotlight photos of children.

Jesus Saves Me
Sheep don’t seem to notice much, looking down, munching grass all day.

Centering on John 10:14-16 (NIV), this book centers on our Lord as the Good Shepherd, and expresses God’s saving plan for humankind. The illustrations spotlight both animals and children.

Jesus Shows Me
Penguin fathers snuggle.
Centering on John 15:9-14, this book displays God’s creation, His goodness, and His love for all. The illustrations spotlight animal parents and their children.

The three books come enclosed in a bonus sleeve, including activities and thinking questions on the inside, connecting each passage to a child’s life.

These books serve as a wonderful tool in teaching children the essence of God’s character. Each book includes a parent guide page, offering tips for involving baby, toddler, and child, so the books can be used in different ways as the child grows.

I must say, this set is unique, in that it would be difficult to hold a very young child’s attention without an adult present. The language in the supportive text isn’t exactly first-reader. With that said, I still feel these books are valuable tools, and would fare well at home, or in a Sunday school setting.

4 Stars

Cover(s): Love
Title(s): Love
Publisher: Graham Blanchard Inc.
Pages (set): 54
Ages: 0-7
Purchase: Amazon

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  1. Excellent and through review! I think these will be a great starter set for my grandchildren

    1. Thanks, J.M.
      It is a really cute set. :)


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