August 30, 2015

Never Said

Never Said, by Carol Lynch Williams, is uniquely written. The twin sister’s chapters are opposing in structure style and font, making it easy to follow their individual points of view. The fifteen-year-old sisters present their stories in first person—Annie in poetic free verse, and Sarah in present tense prose.

I agree with my sister. Fat and thin. Night and day. Angry and silent. Let’s drop the show we put on for everyone. None of us are who we say we are. ~ Annie

The book is written is brief chapters and short, somewhat choppy sentences. Initially I found this distracting, but the distinctive style soon became endearing and relatable.

It’s interesting how the twins present themselves so differently, internally and externally. Sarah is an anxious, thin tomboy who buries herself in books, is riddled with anxiety, and feels somewhat invisible. Annie, her outspoken, more beautiful sister, has gained 45 pounds in the past year feels exposed and rebellious.

This teen fiction story spans a period of seven days, partitioned into full-page sections titled the days of the week. Filled with emotion, angst, and underlying strength, Never Said is a quick read. It covers deep, serious topics and provides a satisfying end.

4 stars

Cover: Like
Title: Love
Publisher: Blink
Pages: 256
Pace: Fast
First line: If they knew.

I received a Review Copy from BookLook. I was not required to write a positive review and the options I have expressed are my own.

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