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The Mistress of Tall Acre

The Mistress of Tall Acre, by Laura Frantz, takes place in Virginia, following the Revolutionary War. For some reason, I’m drawn to stories that are tied to wartimes. Perhaps it’s because the hardships give more depth to the story? I don’t know. Anyway… On this day, 8 August, 1778, a child was safely delivered… Nay, not safely. Anything but safely. …to Anne Howard Ogilvy and Seamus Michael Ogilvy of Tall Acre, Roan County, Virginia. [First lines] Sophie Menzies is an interesting character that is easy to sympathize with. She is alone, ashamed, struggling, and uncertain of her future at her estate, Three Chimneys. Sophie’s neighbor, General Seamus Ogilvy, returns home to Tall Acre, after the fighting has ended. When Sophie befriends the general’s young daughter, Lily Cate, she’s thankful to not feel so alone, and hopes to connect with Seamus as well. Sophie needs protecting and companionship, and Seamus has needs of his own, but can they come to an agreement t

An Amish Christmas Gift

An Amish Christmas Gift is a compilation of three Christmas novellas. Each story is beautifully written and takes place within the different Amish communities. The characters are captivating and easy to sympathize with, and the setting is vivid. The language feels authentic, using Pennsylvania Dutch words, but there’s a handy glossary that shares their meanings. Naomi has begun to believe that she isn’t meant to find love, but she might receive more than she has ever hoped for this Christmas. Naomi’s Gift, by Amy Clipston This is a sweet story. I enjoyed getting to know Naomi and Caleb, in Naomi’s Gift . Sometimes we find what we’re looking for when we stop searching for it. Abigail has driven other suitors away, but can Micah find a way to show her he cares? An Unexpected Joy, by Ruth Reid Abigail, in An Unexpected Joy, is a fun character. She is single, independent, and given up on marriage. She has only the desire to purchase a horse. Frannie Mast return

Not by Sight

Not by Sight, by Kate Breslin is a beautifully written story packed with captivating characters and their past secrets, future desires, and troubles during WWI. For we live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7 I could go on and on about the happenings in this story, but you can read the blurb for that—plus I don’t want to give anything away. What I will go on-and-on about is how Kate Breslin’s Not by Sight is much more than a story—it’s an experience! An experience that allowed me to walk in Grace Mabry’s shoes, during the early 1900s, as she took daring steps toward supporting a cause she believed in. For Colin, she reminded herself…Surely God was on her side. I experienced fears of WWI, and hardships of the Women’s Suffrage Movement and Women’s Forage Corps. I experienced the price of secrets, deceptions, betrayals, and espionage. I experienced the power of faith, forgiveness, understanding, patience, and love. And now I’m expe

M is for Manger

M is for Manger, written by Crystal Bowman and Teri McKinley, is a lovely hardback book, just in time for the upcoming Christmas season. This rhyming storybook travels through the alphabet, emphasizing the significance each letter has on the Christmas Story. Each page on the left illustrates a letter of the alphabet, a pertaining drawing, and a description. “A is for Angel.” The pages on the right contain a poem for the corresponding letter, and a verse (NLT.) An ANGEL said to Mary, “You are the favored one. You’re going to have a baby boy, And he will be God’s Son.” The angel told her... “You have found favor with God! You will conceive and give birth to a son.” Luke 1:30-31, NLT The short, rhyming phrases are rhythmic, entertaining, and scriptural. I’m impressed with how thorough the book is, with biblical references for every passage. Bonuses: ·       A presentation page, for offering the book as a gift, with printed lines where you