September 5, 2015

Bathsheba...Reluctant Beauty

What a beautiful retelling of the biblical story of Bathsheba! It is remarkable how much research and love went into writing this book. Kudos to Angela Hunt for the care she puts into her craft. History, imbued with the author’s imagination, binds this story into a powerful, emotive, and memorable novel.

“When pleasant days are hard to find, pull out your memories and live in them until happiness returns.” ~Quote from the book

Bathsheba…Reluctant Beauty is the second book in the three-part novel series, A Dangerous Beauty. After reading this can’t-put-it-down novel, I look forward to reading the others in the series. (#1 Esther, released in 2014, and #3 Delilah, to be released in 2016.)

The author’s representation of these Biblical figures and historical era is outstanding. Ms. Hunt has developed the characters suitably and the scenes so vividly they feel familiar. Though the story takes place during Old Testament times, the choice of wording is clear and easy to understand, using only minimal language from that era when necessary.

“No pain exists without purpose, no grief without comfort.” ~Quote from the book

I’ll never think of Bathsheba, David, Solomon, and the prophet Nathan (among others) the same way again. This story allowed me see what they saw, feel what they felt, and walk the paths they trod. To put it more simply, they became human rather than characters from the Bible. I mean no disrespect—it’s just that sometimes the Biblical figures I read about in my Bible seem almost mythical, or super-human, rather than mortal men and women like you and me. They had faults, failures, doubts, insecurities, etc.

After reading this book, I not only gained a deeper understanding of the tob woman, Bathsheba, but also a deeper understanding of my God’s undying love.

For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord. ~ Isaiah 55:8-9 (KJV)

5 Stars!

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
Pages: 384
Pace: Steady/Fast
First Lines: The first time I saw King David, I was sixteen and he was behaving like a man possessed. The procession carrying the holy Ark of the Covenant was moving slowly down the street where we lived, and the pageantry of the parade mesmerized me.

I received a Review Copy from the publisher. I was not required to write a positive review and the options I have expressed are my own.


  1. What an awesome review. I am in the process of reading this book right now. You are so correct I see Bathsheba in a whole new light. I can wait to finish this book and very excited to get and read the others

    1. We will have to read the others together too!


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