October 29, 2015

The Memory Weaver

Knowing this story is based on true events really hits the soul. The Memory Weaver, by Jane Kirkpatrick, brings history back to life, with Eliza Spalding and her missionary family. Filled with trauma, adversity, memories, and faith, I was drawn in by Eliza’s spirit, and how God led her through life’s hardships.

The difference between false memories and true ones is the same as for jewels: it is always the false ones that look the most real, the most brilliant. [Salvador Dali]

Despite the troublesome times we go through, we can find peace and healing in knowing that God is there with us, seeing us through. What a beautiful theme.  The story started out a little slow for me, but if you stick with it, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Was I drawn to the mystery of him? Or was testing destiny with Andrew Warren the distraction I longed for, pushing out the losses that had moved into my thirteen-year-old heart and threatened to stay? [Quote from Chapter One.]

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Revell
Pages: 352
First Lines: The woman rode sidesaddle, holding the leather reins like long ribbons in her sturdy hand. “Mama, Mama, wait!”

I received a Review Copy from the Revell and NetGalley, but wasn’t influenced to write a positive review.

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