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Good Night Little Love

Good Night, Little Love , written by Laura Neutzling and illustrated by Anna Currey, is a sweet lullaby book, perfect for bedtime reading. The durable board book has a heart-shaped cut-out corner, and a heart-touching storyline. The colorful pictures are detailed and sweet. “Good night, Little Love, Stars shimmer in the sky. A wish for each one, My sweet puddin’ pie.” The story begins with Mama Bunny helping baby (Little Love) get dressed for bed, and they make a wish on the stars in the sky. Then continues with thoughts of tomorrow and the fun adventures they’ll take. “Good night, Little Love, We’ll lie still in the grass, Seeing tiny creatures Through a giant looking glass!” I love how they say a simple prayer before bed. This book is delightful. I love the gentle and whimsical message, and the adorable illustrations. There’s not a single thing I don’t like about this children’s board book. It’s the perfect bedtime story, and makes a thoughtful gift for chil

Happy Cooking

Make Every Meal Count...Without Stressing Out   Personally, I love watching cooking shows on television, and Giada De Laurentiis is one of my favorites. Between her vivid descriptions of food tastes and smells, and her extensive homespun knowledge of Italian cuisine, she inspires me to get my booty into the kitchen to experiment. First of all, Happy Cooking is a hardback cookbook—a huge plus for me. Also, the introduction is very interesting, in Giada’s voice , stating how her life has changed since she’s become a single mom. She inspires the reader by focusing on simplicity and convenience in the 200+ recipes included. The book has a variety of recipes and is neatly organized into sections: breakfast, snacks, salads, soups, pastas, vegetables, sweets, and so much more. I really like the section on Eating Clean. The pages are crisp and clean, the photos are colorful, and the recipe ingredients are practical and easy to shop for.    I love the Green Eggs and Ham

I Prayed For You

I Prayed For You , written by Jean Fischer, and illustrated by Frank Endersby, is an adorable board book with a padded cover, and a heart-touching storyline. It is filled with short phrasing, two-lined prayers that rhyme, and colorful pictures that share an adorable message. “Dear loving Father in heaven above, send a sweet baby for Mama to love.” The story begins with Mama Bear’s prayers for her Little Honey Bear blessing, and it follows her throughout baby’s growing up years. She seeks guidance from God through each milestone, and promises Honey Bear, “Even when you are all grown up…your mama will always pray for you.” “Dear Loving Father in heaven above, thank You so much for this child whom I love. Amen.” I love how all references to God are capitalized (You, Father, Him, Lord, etc.) This book is sweet, and can easily pertain to children who are adopted. I love the spirit of the story, the message, and the child-friendly illustrations. There’s not a s

Proverbs Prayers

This little, yet powerful book is designed to inspire us to pray the scriptures found in the comparative book of Proverbs. As stated in the introduction, “When you read each proverb and pray the corresponding prayer, you will be asking the Lord to cause every promise and principle from that chapter to come alive in your life.” There are 31 chapters in the book of Proverbs, and Proverb Prayers , by John Mason , provides a written chapter of Proverbs compiled from different versions of the Bible (NASB, KJV, and TLB) and a coinciding prayer. For instance, a section of chapter one speaks of obeying your parents, how people will tempt us to do wrong, and warnings of greed. The prayer asks for God’s help in remembering our parent’s wise words, His guidance in resisting temptations, and sending opportunities to give to others. These prayers are simple, yet can make profound changes in our daily life. By reading one chapter a day, this book provides an entire month of daily sc