November 11, 2015

Mr. Zip and The Capital Z

Mr. Zip and The Capital Z, written by Kimberly Bryant-Palmer, is a fun trek through history. Young Peanut Johnson doesn’t even realize he’s learning lessons and discovering ‘magic’ as he investigates Mr. Zip’s shop, The Capital Z.

“Why, hello, and welcome to The Capital Z. I’m Aloysius Zip, but you can call me Mr. Zip.”

This storybook is filled with American history and mystery, and easily captures the reader’s attention. The drawings are dispersed throughout and add to the feel of this book. The writing has a nice flow and dips us into a magical world inside this unique, remarkable Capital Z shop.

“Milkweed Johnson was your great-great-great-great-uncle. He was a dark-skinned American, just like you.”

This book is a fun read, the illustrations are interesting, and readers gain more than hours of entertainment—they also learn American history. This is a lovely gift for children and caregivers alike.

Publisher: Capital Z Books LLC.
Pages: 136

I received a Review copy BookCrash.

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