November 11, 2015

Murder at the Courthouse

Murder at the Courthouse, by A. H. Gabhart, is the first book in The Hidden Springs Mysteries series. It takes place in Hidden Springs, Kentucky—a small town with big entertainment value. Except—whoops! A dead body is found on the courthouse steps! It has the feel of Mayberry (from The Andy Griffith Show) and a “whodunit” feel of fun mysteries.

Miss Willadean Dearmon found the body on the courthouse steps at exactly 8:59 a.m. [First line]

My favorite part of this story is that even though I may have known “whodunit,” the storytelling kept my interest throughout. The characters kept me entertained. They are fully developed, and I cared what happened to them. I also love stories with a small-town feel, where the townsfolk aren’t cookie-cutter types. The quirky, even hairbrained citizens kept me turning pages.

Michael pushed open the door, spotted the dark red smear on the pillar behind the man slumped on the steps, and knew at once that lack of manners had nothing to do with the man not speaking to Miss Willadean. [Chapter 1]

I never lost interest in the story, but the pacing became slow in some places.

Publisher: Revell
Pages: 338

I received a Review Copy from the publisher, but wasn’t influenced to write a positive review.

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