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Whatever is Lovely (Coloring Book)

I love Whatever is Lovely, (a coloring book for reflection and worship) by WaterBrook Press! It is a Christian-themed coloring book with beautiful drawings, verses, phrases, and affirmations.   The pretty designs get my creative juices flowing, and the writings are inspiring, making it a fulfilling pastime. This book is about worship. It’s about hearing from our God who only wants to spend time with us, to speak to us, and to grow us. This book is about taking holy meditation, creativity, and art and infusing it into our spiritual practices and quiet times to find a fresh and life-giving way to engage with our Heavenly Father. ~Excerpt from the introduction. Introduction:  In the beginning of the book is a brief introduction titled, Color Your Way to Peace. Psalm 46:10 states, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Spending quiet time is important, especially quiet time in fellowship with God. That is why this coloring book was created—to immerse our selves, creat

Every Little Thing (Coloring Book)

Every Little Thing, by Payton Cosell Turner, is filled with intricate designs that adults will find both stimulating and satisfying. It is loaded with 80’s inspired drawings with kaleidoscope-like patterns of animals and nature. It’s like coloring wallpaper. I’ve enjoyed coloring ever since I was a child. When my kids were little, I’d take them shopping for a coloring book and would let them choose one for me as well. It’s a relaxing, creative, and fun pastime. Now I don’t have to color princesses, animals, or larger-than-life characters. There are coloring books for adults! Craftsmanship: The softbound book has a beautiful slipcover with a colorable cover beneath it. The pages are made from thick cardstock, which assures colors won’t bleed or show through to the backside of the page.   Suggestions: Using coloring pencils or gel pens are more practical than crayons, due to the intricate designs.   If you are creative and enjoy coloring and or pen and pencil crafts

The Christmas Joy Ride

I’ve read two previous books by Melody Carlson, The Christmas Cat and Trading Secrets. They are both cute, heartwarming tales with nice imagery. The Christmas Joy Ride is her newest novella, and is just as fun. Miranda looked stunned. “No way, Joy! You can’t possibly make a trip like that—from Chicago to Phoenix? Not by yourself and not driving that. I’m sorry, but that’s certifiably nuts.” ~excerpt, chapter one As if Miranda didn’t have problems of her own, she finds herself diving headfirst into her neighbor Joy’s life, agreeing to drive the old lady on the ride of a lifetime. Joy pointed to the plastic boxes and bins. “I’m going on a mission, Miranda. I’m going out to spread some Christmas joy along Route 66, and no one is going to stop me.” ~excerpt, chapter one Although I’m not a huge fan of the somewhat cheesy cover art, the story is filled with fun, wit, and Christmas cheer. It’s a great gift for lovers of Christmastime, or those who enjoy lighthearted,

Every Girl Gets Confused

Every Girl Gets Confused, by Janice Thompson, is the second book in The Brides With Style series. It focuses on the life of Katie Fisher and takes place in Texas. I’m not a huge fan of the somewhat cheesy cover art, but it’s rather fitting for this surprisingly witty, engaging Hallmark/Lifetime movie type of read. I somehow landed on the cover of Texas Bride magazine wearing an exquisite gown that had been specifically designed for me by none other than Nadia James, Texas’s most renowned dress designer.  ~excerpt I haven’t read the first book of this series, but I found myself wishing I had. That’s not to say this can’t be enjoyed as a stand-alone, but I feel it might have been easier to connect with the characters if I had a little more background. I pushed the button on the phone and tried to offer the most normal-sounding hello that a once-jilted girlfriend who’d just been caught kissing a new fella could give.  ~excerpt Overall, this was a fun, entertain

A Reason to Stay

I Love a book with a strong, independent woman, despite her flaws, past, and life-avoidances. A Reason To Stay, by Kellie Coates Gilbert is such a book. Faith Marion is a self-absorbed news anchor in an unhappy marriage. Her husband, Geary, brings his own damaged past to their relationship. They each had expectations of wedded life and they’ve fallen short. Faith has choices to make, continue in her selfish thoughts and actions, or give in to something far bigger than she could’ve imagined. ‘Faith’s eyes lit up. They both knew he’d thrown her a bone—a story with national importance.’ Author Kellie Coates Gilbert has a fresh, engaging voice that kept my interest from the very first page. Her storyline isn’t outlandish, or one of those “this would never happen in real life” stories. It’s realistic, and connects with the reader on a deep spiritual level. A Reason to Stay is a moving story of brokenness, healing, and love. Cover: Love Title: Love Publisher: Reve