December 8, 2015

Every Little Thing (Coloring Book)

Every Little Thing, by Payton Cosell Turner, is filled with intricate designs that adults will find both stimulating and satisfying. It is loaded with 80’s inspired drawings with kaleidoscope-like patterns of animals and nature. It’s like coloring wallpaper.

I’ve enjoyed coloring ever since I was a child. When my kids were little, I’d take them shopping for a coloring book and would let them choose one for me as well. It’s a relaxing, creative, and fun pastime.

Now I don’t have to color princesses, animals, or larger-than-life characters. There are coloring books for adults!

Craftsmanship: The softbound book has a beautiful slipcover with a colorable cover beneath it. The pages are made from thick cardstock, which assures colors won’t bleed or show through to the backside of the page.
 Suggestions: Using coloring pencils or gel pens are more practical than crayons, due to the intricate designs.
If you are creative and enjoy coloring and or pen and pencil crafts, you’ll enjoy this art book. I only wish there was less white space on the pages, giving more design to color.

4 Stars

Cover: Love
Title: Love
Publisher: Potter Style
Pages: 80
Target ages: 10 and up
Release date: November 3, 2015

I received a review copy from Blogging for Books.

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